Nevada regulator threatens to strip cannabis business licenses

Marijuana businesses in Clark County, Nevada – which includes Las Vegas – will have to be careful about how they promote their businesses or risk penalties or even a loss of licenses.

The director of the Department of Business Licenses in Clark County has told local marijuana companies that promoting public use of cannabis or getting involved with non-licensed MJ businesses could result in the suspension or loss of licenses.

In a letter to local marijuana firms, agency director Jacqueline Holloway said cannabis companies can’t publicize marijuana yoga and swimming events, nor parties and dinners, “even if the events are held in a private residence,” the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Holloway also said cannabis usage on tour buses and limousines is against the law.

The letter was sent in response to several reported violations, including one MJ business that promoted cannabis-assisted karate and yoga workouts, a county spokesman told the newspaper.

The president of the Nevada Dispensary Association, Andrew Jolley of The Source dispensary, believes this is the first time the business license office has threatened to take away marijuana business licenses.

The edict comes at a time when Clark County commissioners are discussing whether to allow cabs that advertise cannabis companies to transport passengers to and from Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport.

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4 comments on “Nevada regulator threatens to strip cannabis business licenses
  1. Vin Hennessy on

    Is this woman coming up with with second thoughts of what’s loose ends that were not thought of prior legalize Adult use and advertising of pot?

    Don’t threaten dispensary owners. Go back to the drawing and admend your issues. Meanwhile Clark County voters should vote her ass out.

  2. Pam on

    A city that is the epitome of American capitalism kowtows to authoritarian fake federal government.
    what has happened to citizens of this great country??!!??
    Make America Great Again and stop regulating businesses out of functioning.

  3. Laura B on

    Why would it be illegal to smoke pot in the back of a limo or on a tour bus, but you can drink alcohol?? That makes no sense. I agree, don’t threaten owners, figure out the rules and make them so everyone can abide by them.

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