Washington state’s marijuana advertising rules commence

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Advertising will become even more difficult for marijuana businesses in Washington state this weekend when new restrictions take effect.

Starting Sunday, cannabis businesses statewide must start following advertising rules primarily intended to protect children from marijuana, TV station King 5 reported.

The law mandates that marijuana signage must clearly denote that MJ products are for people 21 and older, and can’t contain images of cannabis plants or movie or cartoon characters, according to King 5.

Marijuana businesses are allowed to attach a maximum of two outdoor signs to a building or other structure, the Seattle station reported, and signs and outdoor advertising may include only limited information such as:

  • Business or tradename
  • Location
  • Nature of the business

In addition, sign spinners, sandwich boards, inflatables and people in costume aren’t permitted.

State Sen. Ann Rivers told King 5 she sponsored the legislation because of “sexually suggestive” advertising she saw that “could be a real Cole Memo violation.”

“We need to keep a clean house so we don’t get unwelcomed attention” from the federal government, she added.