New cannabis advocacy group aims to sway federal government

A group of cannabis companies has banded together to form a nonprofit political advocacy group designed to protect the legal marijuana trade – and it includes the unit of a major mainstream company that is a relative newcomer to the MJ industry.

The organization, called the New Federalism Fund (NFF), is made up of industry heavy hitters that include:

  • Scotts Company LLC, a subsidiary of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., a lawn and garden company that has been investing heavily in the cannabis market and trades on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Colorado retail chains LivWell Enlightened Health, Medicine Man and Native Roots
  • Multistate infused products maker Dixie Brands
  • International cannabis firm Privateer Holdings
  • Arizona-based Tryke Companies, a medical marijuana business

The NFF, which also has ties to the National Cannabis Industry Association, has three primary aims:

  • Ensure the current industry can continue to operate in states that have legalized either medical or recreational marijuana
  • Maintain the federal government’s hands-off approach toward MJ when it comes to law enforcement
  • Reform the 280E section of the federal tax code

“We want our elected officials to know that a regulated cannabis industry is the best way to stop the illegal drug trade while growing our local economies,” NFF Chairman Neal Levine said in a news release announcing the new group. “Local control over regulated commerce just makes sense. It’s a building block of federalism for good reason.”

The NFF plans to work with Congress and the Trump administration to achieve its goals, added Levine, LivWell’s senior vice president for government affairs.

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8 comments on “New cannabis advocacy group aims to sway federal government
  1. rick chew on

    good plan, decades late, however IM ON BOARD, ultimately it comes down to the lobby money ‘filtering down’ , or UP,(sic) to politicians and the sway of their votes to legal our fair weed :), and the brain washed generations of the past die off with their refer madness mentalityas they are killed off ‘polluted by pharms rule, again(sic) , so yeah every weed friendly soul shud spit up a 20 to a national ‘transpaerent foundation IE: a weed lobby, to GET US WHAT WE WANT put it right up with beer/ciggs, maybe this IS the start

  2. P Irvin on

    Marijuana legalization in no way has stopped the black market sale of marijuana in states where it’s legal. In fact, the black market is worse and crime rates are up, marijuana use and addiction is up, teen marijuana use and addiction is up, marijuana associated motor vehicle accidents and deaths are surging.

    What is exactly is group advocating for, more crime and drug addiction.

    There idiots. Keep marijuana illegal if your smart and don’t use it.

    • B T on

      Marijuana taught me the difference between there and they’re as well as the difference between your and you’re. Who is the idiot here?

  3. P Irvin on

    Essentially editors on this site pick and choose what’s posted. That’s interesting. So essentially in true marijuana industry fashion you guys control the messsging.

    Marijuana legalization is a failed policy. Crime is up, black market is worse where marijuana is legal and none the marijuana industry’s messsging is true.

    Marijuana legalization is a failed policy.

  4. Eric Fraser on

    Tip for a previous Commenter: It’s always a good idea to research actual facts before writing comments on publicly viewable pages. It’s your own reputation that you damage when you fail to do that.

  5. Gregory Brown on

    Mr Fraser,believe me, I have. Do your own search on Monsanto, Scott’s,Ortho,glycol phosphate,agent Orange,Indian farmers committing suicide by drinking roundup, GMOs,and thier control of the FDA, and USDA. I don’t have time to write a book for you. I am a certified USDA Organic farmer in North Florida that would like to provide raw cannabis leaf,seeds, and juice for our CSA members,but I see the cannabis industry turning into a millionaire only elite cartel before my eyes here in Florida. I stand by statement above.

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