New DEA Head: Marijuana ‘Probably’ Not as Bad as Heroin

If the newly installed chief of the Drug Enforcement Agency isn’t an ally of marijuana, at least he’s not a total prohibitionist.

Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, who took over for Michele Leonhart as head of the DEA in May, said this week that cannabis is “probably not” as dangerous as heroin, according to US News and World Report.

While that’s not necessarily reason for marijuana businesses to celebrate, at least the new administrator’s views aren’t cause for alarm. Leonhart famously broke with President Barack Obama after the commander in chief contended that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. The DEA chief then ended up resigning roughly three months ago.

Rosenberg also said this week that his agents are “not prioritizing marijuana enforcement,” according to the US News and World Report story, but added that he hasn’t ordered any of his subordinates to cease enforcing federal marijuana laws.