New DEA Head: Marijuana ‘Probably’ Not as Bad as Heroin

If the newly installed chief of the Drug Enforcement Agency isn’t an ally of marijuana, at least he’s not a total prohibitionist.

Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, who took over for Michele Leonhart as head of the DEA in May, said this week that cannabis is “probably not” as dangerous as heroin, according to US News and World Report.

While that’s not necessarily reason for marijuana businesses to celebrate, at least the new administrator’s views aren’t cause for alarm. Leonhart famously broke with President Barack Obama after the commander in chief contended that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. The DEA chief then ended up resigning roughly three months ago.

Rosenberg also said this week that his agents are “not prioritizing marijuana enforcement,” according to the US News and World Report story, but added that he hasn’t ordered any of his subordinates to cease enforcing federal marijuana laws.

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6 comments on “New DEA Head: Marijuana ‘Probably’ Not as Bad as Heroin
  1. Bonnie W on

    Excuse me: what kind of stupid remark is he, Chuck Rosenberg, making??? How the hell does an educated (we hope) person in public office make such a stupid comparison between Heroin and cannabis……Has he been living under a rock,somewhere on MARS? How did he even qualify for this job? This is a prime example of why our country is presently run by idiots.

  2. B Rad on

    Where do they find these ignorant people? How can you be in charge of the drug enforcement agency for the United States and be so ignorant about drugs? Of course marijuana is less dangerous than heroin!! Everyone knows that!! Tell him to pick up a book and read about the drugs he is “enforcing”. Like I did! As I’ve said many times before the DEA should be eliminated and they should concentrate on education. Legalize all the drugs and you will eliminate the Cartel and black market drugs. Alcohol is far far more dangerous than marijuana yet it is legal. Look at the mountain of statistics. Using the concept of drugs that have no “medicinal value” to base what “schedule” they are I think Alcohol should be at the top of the list next to heroin, meth, cocaine and molly. I can’t find any medical value in alcohol yet we live in a nation that promotes the shit out of it!! Its insane how backwards our country is when it comes to drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are abused on a regular basis and 2 people die here in Colorado every day from overdose. Doctors hand out prescriptions for meds like oxycodone and percocet like they are Chicklets! Yes people need pain meds and I have used them myself but they are highly highly addictive. I have chronic shoulder pain and pain pills make me nauseous so I can’t take them. I asked my doctor if there was an alternative medication and he said no. I asked about using Marijuana and he said that there is no evidence that it helps with pain and pot is very very bad for me. I stopped taking the sick pills and have been using pot daily for about a year now for my pain. There are no side effects and I can’t overdose and die. It works great. My point in all this is that Rosenberg needs to get his head out of his ass and do some research about marijuana before opening his idiotic mouth and saying stupid shit to a more educated public. Tell him to read the book “S.A.F.E.R.”. Peace.

  3. Bonnie W on

    Well B Rad said it so much BETTER than I did. How did this guy, Chuck Rosenberg, even get this job. Seems to me that if you are a certified Moron, you are a candidate for a DEA
    job. (please tell me my taxes aren’t paying his salary)

  4. Jimmy Childs on

    It’s always a sad day when an educated member of our government in a leadership position is a political DENIER. Wondering why it is so hard to just tell the truth? This looks like Obama’s sloppiest choice next to allowing Shell Oil to drill in the Arctic.

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