New Etheridge marijuana products to hit CA shelves

Yet another celebrity is expanding her footprint in the cannabis trade.

Singer Melissa Etheridge will debut a second line of marijuana products for medical patients by the end of the year in dispensaries around the San Francisco Bay Area, Billboard reported late last week.

Etheridge Farms, as her company is called, is producing flower, edibles, oil cartridges, and topicals for dispensaries, on top of the cannabis wine tincture she already sells.

Etheridge said she’s aiming her product lines at consumers who are “looking to unwind at night and not have a couple of drinks and feel like crap in the morning.”

The product line will first be released in dispensaries in Oakland, San Jose and Santa Cruz, Billboard reported.

Other celebrities with their own cannabis products range from Whoopi Goldberg, Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong to rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

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25 comments on “New Etheridge marijuana products to hit CA shelves
  1. Pam Wesche on

    Hi, saw the show on Sunday morning that showed the cannabis products. I am interested in trying the arthritis cream for hands..How could I I order this product

  2. Patti Celestini on

    Just watched Melissa on CBS This morning discussing her balm/ointment for arthritis. Need to know where to order. Looking for her website. Not listed on any of the business articles. Can you share where I can research this product. Thank you

    Arthritis Agonizer!

  3. Carole Watkins on

    I learned of Melissa Etheridge’s farm on CBS Sunday morning show and am interested in lavender cream for arthritis

    • Cathy on

      Please, please tell me where I can get the cream from. I am in pain 24/7 and refuse to be a doctors pay check in purchasing pills and more pills and different pills and shots and so on. I am so tired of that. I need the cream as soon as possible.

  4. Von Jacobsen on

    I’m 70 yrs old and have arthritis in both knees , that ache almost every day . What would you reccamend? Maybe the cream?

  5. Tay on

    Please advise when and where the arthritis creme will be available to the public. Watched CBS Sunday morning and this sounds like a breakthrough in the control of arthritis pain. Thanks.

  6. Meredith Morgan on

    I, too, saw the feature on CBS Sun Morning and am interested in the topical cream for arthritis. When will it be available and will it be available on-line? Also interested in knowing the sizes/weight and cost.

  7. Donna Parent on

    Hi Melissa,would like to know were too get the lavender cream,I have arthritis all threw my body. It runs in my family .one of my sisters is in a wheelchair. wish you the best hope all goes well. take care God Bless.

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