EU-grown cannabis flower variety now available to German pharmacies

Berlin-based CanPharma is believed to be the first company to offer in Germany “a German brand of medical cannabis flower sourced from a non-Canadian (owned) production facility,” the firm’s chief financial officer told Marijuana Business Daily.

According to CFO David Attwood, the flower is produced in Europe in an EU-Good Manufacturing Practice-certified facility.

He declined to reveal the country or the identity of the supplier, citing confidentiality obligations. He also declined to comment on the quantities of medical cannabis that already have been imported.

Attwood said the product is already available in Germany, with the first deliveries to pharmacies having been made in late July.

The new product underscores an increasing intra-EU trade – in this particular case, independent from Canadian producers – and an increasing competition in the flower segment. It’s a trend that Marijuana Business Daily has been predicting.

Attwood told MJBizDaily that CanPharma-branded flower is so far the only new entry in 2020 to the roughly half-dozen flower brands that are available to German patients:

  • Many German wholesalers currently distribute Bedrocan-branded flower imported from the Netherlands.
  • Cologne-based Cannamedical offers its own brand of flower, which currently is imported from Canada and Portugal.
  • The other available brands are grown by Canadian producers in Canada or Europe.

CanPharma expects to offer more products before the end of the year, Attwood said.