New Hampshire governor vetoes bill opening state to for-profit cannabis firms

Sununu, New Hampshire governor vetoes bill opening state to for-profit cannabis firms

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed legislation that would have opened the state’s heavily regulated medical marijuana industry to for-profit MMJ businesses, dealing a setback to cannabis entrepreneurs who might have been interested in launching a moneymaking operation there.

The bill would have allowed MMJ licensees, called Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs), to operate either as for-profit or nonprofit ventures.

Currently, the state’s vertically integrated MMJ businesses must operate as nonprofits.

In his veto letter Tuesday, Sununu noted that Senate Bill 145 also would have provided an incentive for out-of-state entities to buy a stake in New Hampshire’s MMJ industry.

“Although I remain supportive of medical marijuana, this bill would represent too great of a step toward the dangerous path of industrial commercialization of the marijuana industry in New Hampshire,” Sununu wrote.

New Hampshire currently has only four licensed ATCs, which cultivate and dispense MMJ products, according to the state health department.

Temescal Wellness holds two of the four licenses.

The 2019 Marijuana Business Factbook projects that New Hampshire MMJ sales will reach $20 million-$25 million this year, up from $15 million-$20 million in 2018.

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6 comments on “New Hampshire governor vetoes bill opening state to for-profit cannabis firms

    The Gov is a long time republican enemy of free choice, they love the craven ability to criminalize folks for marijuana. The laws against marijuana are all unconstitutional monstrosities, scheduling marijuana as a substance with ‘no known medical use’ but still every state has medical marijuana. WTF is going on? These old politicians have made their ‘Law and Order’ bones criminalizing citizens for pot and for them to admit they were moral, factually and spiritually wrong, what a loss of Face, so much so they would never win another election.

    • jeff l on

      Couldn`t of said it better…Amen.
      Some ole geizures get it , like myself.
      Unfortunate for the state of New Hampshire. Anyone with any sense would get on board and legalize the Cannabis Industry. Eventually they will have no choice but to.
      But for now the good people of New Hampshire will have to suffer on the accounts of others who misrepresent them and their ideas.

  2. Paula Charette on

    I’m wondering …how much does it cost for a MMJ license in New Hampshire?
    Also, Who does Temescal know of New Hampshire’s elected politicians to influence the licencing Board in NH to grant Temescal 2 of the 4 licenses ? Is there any connection? It gives Temescal a financial advantage, there is tremendous revenue involved here, and whatever business entity has big bucks they have big powerful influence in the political arena.
    Were there any applicants for this MMJ license denied licensure
    I would have enjoyed more research when putting together this narrative.

  3. Kimberly Noel on

    Medical Marijuana should be legal in New Hampshire. People that actually need medication for pain can’t get anything prescribed. I’ve seen my share of overdoses from friends and family in my lifetime and there’s no way that Marijuana is as bad as any narcotics that would cause an overdose. There would be a lot less drug abuse if Marijuana was legal. It costs too much money for some people that need to get there medical Marijuana card but can’t. I say try it and if that doesn’t work figure something out.

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