New Hampshire medical marijuana dispensaries prep for sales increase

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New Hampshire’s four medical marijuana dispensaries are ramping up for an expected boost in both patient registrations and the resulting uptick in sales, thanks to new qualifying MMJ conditions that go into effect this month.

The state updated its MMJ law in July to allow those suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder to purchase medical marijuana.

Pain patients will be allowed to begin making purchases this week, while those with PTSD can start buying MMJ later this month, New Hampshire Public Radio reported.

“Whether the program is going to double in qualifying patients or triple, that remains to be seen, but we certainly are expecting a large influx of patients,” Anthony Parrinello, the executive director of Temescal Wellness, told NHPR.

New Hampshire has a fairly small MMJ program, with four dispensaries statewide and only about 2,100 registered patients as of mid-December.

However, states that allow chronic pain as a qualifying condition typically see thousands of patients sign up for their MMJ programs.