Union: New Jersey Dispensary Engaging in Unfair Labor Practices

A New Jersey union has filed a grievance alleging unfair labor practices against a dispensary in the state, saying the business won’t allow its workers to unionize.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 152 claims that Compassionate Care Foundation, which owns a dispensary in Egg Harbor Township that employs 11 workers who want representation, has given employees new job titles that don’t allow them to join a union.

The organization also says that executives cut hours for those seeking to unionize.

The complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board, which will hold a hearing on Feb. 4 to address the union’s concerns, according to

Almost a year ago, a Maine dispensary settled on terms to address charges filed by the UFCW alleging it’d violated fair labor laws.

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4 comments on “Union: New Jersey Dispensary Engaging in Unfair Labor Practices
  1. Lyle Courtsal on

    please negotiate in good faith; there is a lot of money being made and employees deserve their share. You may try contacting the service employees international union. Lyle Courtsal
    PS RE; NYT’s article on Cheryl Shuman. We took all comers at the Seattle Hempfest and EVERYONE had a good time baking in the sun, not just the inner circle. We even helped out those who couldn’t afford it that one day; 120,000 a day in 1994 and only five incidents.

  2. Mary on

    Risk=reward. Small business owners take ALL the risk when they start a company. Employees are important obviously but they can always leave if they want for any reason, including pay. OR they can start their own business if they are not happy with their financial situation.

  3. Mike Maltese on

    Are you freakin’ KIDDING me! You people have a job that others only DREAM about! I’m sure you’re decently paid, so just WHAT can a tiny 11 person shop POSSIBLY need a union for? To take MORE of your money in dues that will get you NOTHING? OMG what’s wrong with you people? BE GRATEFUL, instead of starting all kinds of hit in a newly born industry! For Pete’s sake!

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