New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries can now deliver

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New Jersey’s 11 medical marijuana dispensaries are now allowed to deliver products to patients at home, provided they fill out a state waiver.

According to, the state department of health has issued paperwork for MMJ shops to fill out so their employees can begin performing home deliveries.

That options may well result in a sales uptick for dispensaries, since many patients are staying at home to avoid the coronavirus.

There are caveats. Among others:
  • Only dispensary employees can perform deliveries.
  • Any vehicle performing deliveries must be outfitted with a GPS tracking device, additional security and a lock box.

Although a change to the state MMJ law last summer allowed for delivery provisions, no action was taken until recently, reported.

New Jersey joins multiple other states – including California, Oregon and Nevada – that already allow marijuana to be delivered.

The delivery trend has grown during the coronavirus outbreak, since many MMJ patients prefer ordering from the safety of their own home.

Also, regulators in multiple markets have agreed that it’s a safer approach for providing patients with their medicine.