MA high court confirms challenge to cannabis vape product ban

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld a lower judge’s decision challenging Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s authority to unilaterally ban the sale of cannabis vape products in the state. The ruling does not change the fact that sales of vape products are not permitted in Massachusetts, though medical marijuana patients may continue to purchase vaporizers that heat ground marijuana flower, The Boston Globe reported.

Alaska governor appoints interim marijuana director

Glen Klinkhart was installed as interim director of the agency that regulates legal cannabis and alcohol in the state. The appointment was made by Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Klinkhart, who had served as director of drug policy for the state health department, replaces Erika McConnell, who was fired by the Marijuana Control Board.

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Oregon appellate court halts cannabis vape product ban

The Oregon Court of Appeals placed a stay on the ban of flavored cannabis vape products ordered in October by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown. The ruling to put the governor’s executive order on hold came in response to a lawsuit by California-based company Herban Industries against the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, The Oregonian reported.

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New Mexico legislators warned not to overtax adult-use marijuana

An economics professor told New Mexico legislators that if the state legalizes recreational marijuana, it should not tax adult-use cannabis so much that consumers pivot to the black market or lower-priced products in Colorado. Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is proposing limiting state and local taxes on recreational marijuana to about 17% and licensing producers for as little as $500 a month, plus additional per-plant fees.

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Vape products in licensed MA cannabis stores vitamin E free

Vitamin E acetate was found in marijuana vape cartridges across Massachusetts, but the additive was not found in vapes tested by MCR Labs and sold at licensed cannabis businesses, according to Vitamin E acetate is a “very strong culprit” in the vaping crisis that has led to more than 2,100 lung illnesses and 42 deaths nationwide.

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California to research marijuana pesticide levels

In an effort to set accurate safety levels for pesticides on marijuana crops, California regulators and Sacramento State University are seeking to determine how much cannabis is consumed by the typical user on a daily basis. Beginning in January, public health researchers across the state will provide a $20 Amazon gift card to anyone who completes an anonymous survey on marijuana usage, according to Jefferson Public Radio.

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