New Mexico medical cannabis growers sue over plant limits

Three New Mexico medical cannabis cultivation companies are challenging a plant-count limit the state’s regulators put in place, saying the cap puts constraints on the supply of medical marijuana to patients.

G&G Genetics, Sacred Garden and Ultra Health joined together in filing a lawsuit against the state’s health department in response to the new rules that limit the number of plants one company can grow to 1,750, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

This follows a ruling by a then-district judge that the previous 450-plant limit was too limiting.

The health department was tasked with setting a new cap and imposed an emergency rule allowing up to 2,500 plants until a new rule could be ratified.

In August, regulators settled on 1,750.

But the growers argue that the more than 77,000 patients registered for the medical marijuana program in New Mexico require more product, which means more plants per company.

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One comment on “New Mexico medical cannabis growers sue over plant limits
  1. Michael McFarland on

    Personally, I think 1,750 plants isn’t nearly enough. If every patient bought just one ounce of flower, the industry would need to produce 4,812.5 pounds of flower to satisfy the demand just one time. That’s not including the additional biomass needed for edibles, distillates, shatter, diamonds, sugar, etc. Granted, that biomass is generally derived from the remaining plant after the flower has been harvested, but still, the plants can only grow so fast…

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