New Mexico medical marijuana tracking system shows discrepancies

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Reports from New Mexico’s seed-to-sale tracking system show that five of the state’s medical cannabis businesses actually sold roughly 200,000 more grams of MMJ than they grew from January through March.

A review of quarterly MMJ reporting documents by the New Mexico Political Report found the biggest discrepancy with Giving Tree Organics, which sold nearly 28 pounds, or about 13,000 grams, more than it produced.

Another MMJ business, The Harvest Foundation, grew about 64,000 grams January to March but sold about 70,000 grams, a difference of about 10 pounds.

How the discrepancies came to be and who’s to blame is an open question, according to the New Mexico Political Report.

A spokesman for the state department of health, which is responsible for the tracking system, said the differences may not be mistakes but could simply be differences in how businesses self-report their production levels. For instance, he said, the state asks for flower inventory at the end of each quarter but not other products such as edibles and concentrates.

One New Mexico MMJ business manager, however, said the problems could be attributed to user mistakes with BioTrackTHC, the software company that runs the state’s tracking system. Businesses need more BioTrackTHC training and customer support, he said.