New Mexico panel set to advise governor on adult-use marijuana legalization

New Mexico cannabis business stakeholders and others will provide input via a new committee for a recreational marijuana legalization measure set for introduction in the state’s Legislature in 2020.

The panel, which will make legislative recommendations to the governor, comes after a bipartisan legalization bill stalled without a vote in the state Senate in March.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat who created the committee, signaled her intention to revive legalization legislation next year.

“This group will ensure we begin the next session with a credible, equitable and cohesive legalization proposal,” Grisham said of the new committee in a statement.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, the Cannabis Legalization Working Group will include at least 19 state lawmakers, cabinet secretaries, law enforcement officials and medical marijuana executives

The panel will work through the summer and fall. Its mission, among other things, is to identify best practices from other states and jurisdictions that have legalized adult-use cannabis sales.

One priority: If the sale of recreational cannabis is approved, it “does not infringe on or harm our expanding medical cannabis program,” according to the governor.

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6 comments on “New Mexico panel set to advise governor on adult-use marijuana legalization
  1. Mike Duay on

    We just moved to New Mexico 6 months ago and are pleased with the governor and the efforts to legalize marijuana. It’s time.

    • Tim on

      I have epilepsy and I’m coming to NM for vacation in a few weeks. I live in Texas now. I used to smoke marijuana in college and had NO SEIZURES while taking no meds for 5 years. Not long after graduating from college I had to give it up so I could get a job. A few weeks after giving up marijuana I had a bad grand mal seizure and I’ve been on several meds everyday since. I want to start using medical marijuana to control my seizures.
      What do I need to do after getting to NM to access medical marijuana? I’m thinking of moving there. Thanks!

      • Michelle DeVos Cole on

        You cannot access the medical marijuana program unless you are a resident of New Mexico. This is the same with every other state that had a medical marijuana program. You must be a resident is that state and be seen by a doctor who is registered in the state. The cards can take up to three months to get. You are out of luck trying to use MMJ while on vacation in a New Mexico. MMJ may not cross state lines either.

    • Lisa on

      The Govener is taking action on this right away and it couldn’t happen at a better time. I’m so glad someone Finelly understands. This State will also make plenty of $ that is Absoulutly needed because of building things that can’t be afforded or isn’t even in service after spending all this $$$ seems like New Mexico is spending, spending, spending & taking nothing back in. Denver is flourishing I went for a week and it is so great less crime, able to afford lots of things for visitors. It’s just wonderful and people that badly need this medicine that can’t afford cards r suffering. It took me over6 months to save for a card I’m disabled and now so grateful for the people behind me that will be able to get what they need with out, braking laws and simply unable to afford a medical card. Thank you Governer for your help. I knew I did right in voting for you.

  2. Ariel Bulletts on

    I am a resident of New Mexico a 15 yr cancer survivor with involuntary body pain i use recreational marijuana to help with the pain having it legalized in New Mexico would help a lot of others not just dealing with cancer but other disabilities.

  3. Colin on

    I appreciate that the state is legalizing marijuana, it will help cut down crime, grow the population much wiser, and throw out some of the charges the inmates of this state faces, making us a free state, so that way we all win, not just the cops.

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