The unlimited number of recreational cannabis business licenses available in New Mexico has attracted more than 1,500 applications from entrepreneurs, and there are likely more on the way.

According to Albuquerque TV station KRQE, the state has received at least that many applications for producer licenses, including 1,000-plus for “microbusiness” permits that limit growers to 200 marijuana plants.


Full producers can grow up to 8,000 plants.

All such licenses may also include a retail component, but producer licenses in New Mexico require some level of cultivation in combination with other business functions.

The upcoming recreational marijuana market in the state is expected to launch in April, and the state will be issuing as many business permits as possible, a regulator told KRQE.

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“If a million New Mexicans want to get a license, we would license a million people,” John Blair, deputy superintendent of the state’s Regulation and Licensing Department, told the TV station.

That will make New Mexico one of the free-market states in the U.S. cannabis industry, alongside California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Oregon.