New Mexico Cultivating Just 20% of MMJ Demand

Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Mexico are rationing their supply and turning away patients, as demand for the plant has surpassed supply.

A recent survey of marijuana producers by the state Department of Health found that the New Mexico’s medical marijuana industry cannot keep up with the consumption of its patients.

According to the report, obtained by the Albuquerque Journal in response to a records request, the number of active patients in New Mexico hit 10,289 this year; however, the number of licensed growers is only 23. Under the state’s laws, licensed growers can only grow 150 plants at a time.

To meet demand, growers in the state would have to produce 11,000 pounds of marijuana each year, according to the report. Producers, however, are only growing about 2,200 pounds – or 20% of the needed total.

As a result, dispensaries are unable to meet demand and often run out of popular strains.

The findings are based off of a survey of about 700 randomly selected medical cannabis patients.

The report concluded that New Mexico’s six-year-old medical marijuana program – which ranks as the first in the nation to license and regulate MMJ operations – is failing.

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