New PAC founded to unseat marijuana prohibitionists in Congress

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A new political group has been formed with the express intent of ousting members of Congress who don’t support marijuana reform.

The organization, formally known as the Better Organizing to Win Legalization Political Action Committee, or BOWL PAC, was founded by former NORML Political Director Justin Strekal.

The BOWL PAC has a “sister organization” nonprofit that will also engage in lobbying Congress on cannabis issues, according to a news release.

Strekal said in the release he started the PAC because “it’s time to take the gloves off” and get pro-cannabis candidates elected to Congress – in part, because the many nonprofits that already advocate for marijuana legalization are forbidden by federal law from electioneering and political work.

In particular, Strekal explained, nonprofit 501(c)4s – a category that many advocacy groups use – “aren’t able to directly contribute to allied candidates. And as of now, there are no active advocacy-focused political action committees solely focused on marijuana, supporting allied reformers who are running for Congress.”

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That’s where the BOWL PAC comes in: It will be able to raise and spend money specifically on political races – instead of trying to educate and persuade sitting members of Congress – and, thus, could have an immense impact on the upcoming midterm elections.

“A supermajority of Americans support legalization and they deserve a PAC who works for them,” Strekal said.