New Thailand medical marijuana regulations enable exports

Thai regulators have adopted key rules governing the production, distribution and export of medical cannabis, laying the groundwork for businesses looking to expand in the new industry.

The regulations were approved by the Cabinet last week, about five months after Thailand legalized marijuana for medical use, according to Reuters.

The new regulations stipulate that marijuana is allowed only for medical or scientific purposes, and the country must stay onside international treaty obligations.

The rules also cover exports, state that patients must be under the care of registered practitioners and medical cannabis should not be an “initial treatment.”

The Ministry of Public Health has embarked on a campaign to train doctors, dentists and pharmacists in medical cannabis applications.

The Ministry of Public Health also signed a memorandum of cooperation last week with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization – a state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer – to jointly conduct research and development on medical marijuana extract products.

“The issuance of new regulations is significant, in that it enables the Thai government to start accepting permit applications,” Jim Plamondon, vice president of Thai Cannabis Corp., told Marijuana Business Daily. 

“This is going to significantly accelerate the expansion of Thailand’s cannabis industry.”

Also recently, one of the main political parties in the country – Bhumjaithai – adopted recreational cannabis as part of its platform.