NY awards more conditional adult-use marijuana permits, tweaks hemp rules

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New York regulators approved conditional adult-use marijuana licenses for 19 cultivators and 10 processors and adopted new rules for medical cannabis home growers.

Under the new regulations enacted by the state’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB), medical marijuana patients can grow up to six plants and caregivers can grow as many as 12 plants for a maximum of four patients, The (Syracuse) Post-Standard reported.

That change could have an impact on New York’s MMJ industry since those patients and caregivers no longer will have to buy cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

The CCB also announced amendments to its hemp program:

  • The creation of a new license type for approved hemp farmers to sell the hemp flower they grow.
  • An increase in the maximum cannabinoid allowance per serving to 100 milligrams, up from 75 milligrams.