New York medical cannabis delivery expands, and liquor stores lobby to sell MJ

(This story has been updated to correct the number of storefronts each medical marijuana company in New York is allowed.)

New York’s cannabis industry is changing quickly with the expansion of home medical marijuana delivery, and now there’s also news that liquor stores are aiming to enter the MJ space.

Here’s some background related to the recent expansions of delivery services in the state:

  • According to The Journal News of New York, Curaleaf plans to start MMJ deliveries in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster.
  • Those deliveries will add to the existing MMJ-distribution footprint of Vireo Health, which also offers delivery in many of those areas.
  • Columbia Care is another MMJ company that offers delivery to patients across the state.
  • Both Vireo and Columbia Care launched home delivery in New York last year.

Home delivery is likely an important factor for New York’s 10 medical marijuana companies since they’re limited to four storefronts apiece – meaning many registered patients face a long drive to a brick-and-mortar MMJ dispensary.

In other New York news, a group of wine and liquor store owners called The Last Store on Main Street has been lobbying state lawmakers for the right to sell cannabis alongside licensed MMJ companies, according to the Staten Island Advance.

“Bringing sales into wine and liquor stores would not only expedite revenue generation and keep costs low, it would eliminate a real threat to thousands of small businesses (of losing business because of the increased availability of MJ),” a spokesman for the liquor store coalition told the Advance.

A bill to legalize adult-use marijuana in New York is expected to be introduced during the upcoming 2019 legislative session, which begins Jan. 3.

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2 comments on “New York medical cannabis delivery expands, and liquor stores lobby to sell MJ
  1. Melissa McMahon on

    It is a terrible idea to suggest selling cannabis with alcohol. This group, The Last Store on Main Street, had an article published in The Post Standard, claiming there isn’t enough retail and commercial space for both, and made a few other false claims. This group thwarted legislation for grocery stores to sell liquor. This is just sounds like an attempted money grab. I

    • Ray Singh on

      Liquor Stores can only sell Wine & Liquor in New York state both of which requires someone at the age of 21 & older to present a valid id we are limited to only sell to adults. So we have experience in how to keep substances like these out the hands of anyone younger. Furthermore, in other states Liquor Stores are allowed to sell cigarettes and other grocery store products So with marijuana it makes perfect sense to add this lifeline to liquor stores in New York because it will increase both tax revenue for the state which they can use to better our society, streets, and school systems. Second it will cost less money for the state to set up a new board, Third it will be faster for the state to start collecting tax money since there is already 3000 liquor stores all the From Buffalo to Albany, Marijuana will be taxed a lot higher than alcohol, so it makes sense to put it as in as many convenient places for consumers.

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