New York MMJ Hopefuls Spending Big Bucks on Lobbyists

Dozens of cannabis companies and entrepreneurs are shelling out thousand of dollars a month on lobbyists in New York as they gear up to compete for just five licenses to grow and dispense medical marijuana in the state.

The goal is to align with people who have access to local politicians and the policymakers in charge of crafting rules on the MMJ industry and the licensing process.

Companies such as KannaLife Sciences, MJ Freeway, Privateer Holdings, Lewiston Greenhouse and Great Lakes Medicinals have already hired lobbying firms, according to Capital New York.

New York’s medical marijuana program was even dubbed the “Lobbyist Employment Act of 2015” because hundreds of cannabis firms are willing to pay big bucks to get into the market.

License hopefuls are still hoping for plenty of tweaks to New York’s MMJ program, and many are already preparing for the state selection process. Those that apply for a license will have to provide detailed plans covering production, security, transportation, record-keeping, and more.

The companies and their lobbyists will also have to be able to smooth the way with local politicians who may harbor serious reserves about allowing MMJ dispensaries or cultivation facilities in their neighborhoods.

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3 comments on “New York MMJ Hopefuls Spending Big Bucks on Lobbyists
  1. chuck Reno on

    This just demonstrates how transparently corrupt implementation will be in new York, and how only political connected wealthy people have a shot at the absurdly small number of licenses. God knows what will go on behind the scene.

  2. dan plant on

    For a State as complex and litigious as NY, perhaps letting the big companies plow through the system and go through their ups and downs will allow a clearer picture of how things will run in NY, and perhaps this will pave the way for later rounds of smaller players entering the market with much more insight, and more cash reserves ready to go through licensing into operation without spending tons to learn the process.

  3. Ken Wiederhorn on

    After reading the proposed ‘rules’ issued by the NYS Dept. of Health, one comes away with the impression this is an ANTI-medical marijuana law, designed to make each and every step to getting a license as difficult and expensive as possible – and this for only ten approved diseases.
    The amount of required record keeping alone is bind-boggling, but the serious flaw here is the enormous cost of producing and retailing mandated by the guidelines – making it necessary to charge prices that almost certainly will be way above existing street cost.
    Of course there are players ready to spend (and lose) any amount in order to gain a foothold in NYS, but what this law (and the Dept of Health guidelines) absolutely guarantees is the ongoing illicit trade in marijuana, medicinal or otherwise.

    Well done, Governor!

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