New York poised to add PTSD to MMJ qualifying conditions

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New York’s five medical cannabis licensees are a signature away from being able to serve patients that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The state legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill that would add PTSD to the qualifying conditions list for medical marijuana in the state. The bill heads now to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “where its fate is uncertain,” the New York Daily News reported.

Marijuana Policy Project lauded the move, saying that “state lawmakers are standing up for thousands of New Yorkers” that have been diagnosed with the ailment.

New York has one of the most restrictive medical cannabis programs in the country, permitting only five licensed producers to operate up to four dispensaries apiece. On top of that, the barriers for patients who want to participate in the program are relatively high, which has resulted in a low patient count and hard times for the state’s MMJ businesses.