New York Times Opposes MMJ Plan

The editorial board of The New York Times has come out in opposition of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial plan for medical marijuana, joining some cannabis industry professionals who say the program is too restrictive.

The newspaper said that allowing just 20 hospitals scattered across the state to distribute marijuana may not “provide sufficient access to patients who need therapy.”

The newspaper suggests that Gov. Cuomo instead support New York’s existing medical marijuana bill, introduced by lawmakers Richard Gottfried and Diane Savino.

That bill offers a more traditional medical marijuana plan, with a wider range of organizations to grow, process and sell medical marijuana under the guidance of the State Health Department. It would also allow a wider range of marijuana strains to be grown and distributed to patients.

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One comment on “New York Times Opposes MMJ Plan
  1. Windy City on

    …it is indeed unfortunate that Gov. Cuomo is not a doctor. If he were, he may realize that MMJ in all its manifestations, includingsmoking, has cannabinoids that are beneficial to the patient and at times it is smoking the medication that helps the patient the most.

    Politics being what it is, though, we should be happy that medical marijuana has reached this level as soon as it has and is climbing in acceptance across the nation…

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