Finger-pointing in Arizona over marijuana social equity hurdles

The failure of a key marijuana bill in Arizona’s Legislature has triggered an angry round of the blame game by social equity advocates, who charge that more established companies torpedoed the bill because they want to keep the state’s cannabis market to themselves.


Climate change will affect where and how cannabis is grown

Cannabis growers are confronting the same issue that threatens to upend the wine industry and other agricultural-based businesses – shifting weather patterns and climate change.

Those shifts are forcing cannabis growers to rethink how to cultivate their plants.


Can DEA-backed cannabis growers strike gold via drug development?

The cannabis industry hit a possible milestone in March when Bright Green Corp., a Florida company with “conditional” approval from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to grow marijuana for research purposes, applied to list on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
But the move also highlights the lofty – some say unrealistic – financial ambitions of such companies.