North Dakota’s first medical marijuana dispensary set to open

The first medical marijuana dispensary in North Dakota is scheduled to open next week in Fargo.

The Botanist will open in the state’s largest city on Feb. 28, according to the North Dakota health department.

The dispensary’s parent company is Acreage Holdings, a multistate cannabis operator based in New York.

The Botanist, which was awarded a business license in September, will sell medical marijuana produced by Pure Dakota, a Bismarck manufacturing facility.

Voters approved the legalization of MMJ use in November 2016.

North Dakota hopes to have dispensaries operating in eight cities by fall.

Regulators so far have issued 120 medical marijuana cards to patients and caregivers. Officials estimate as many as 4,000 residents will legally be using the drug by summer 2021.

North Dakota has approved medical marijuana for 17 conditions, along with terminal illnesses. A bill in the Legislature would expand the list to 30 conditions.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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3 comments on “North Dakota’s first medical marijuana dispensary set to open
  1. DJF on

    Big fan of Botanist/Acreage. ND deserves this so badly! It was a fight just to get MMJ off the ground in that state, and I think they are still trying to iron out more details as we speak.

  2. Jessica melvin on

    What providers in ND are signing the medical marijuana form since 120 cards have been issued? My provider said I would benefit from this but refused to sign the form. I have tried acupuncture, cortisone shot, a procedure to burn my nerves roots in my back, physical therapy, chiropractor, osteopathic therapy, muscle relaxers, tramadol. I have chronic back pain. I am wondering what provider I can see that may approve me to try medical marijuana capsules to help with my pain?

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