North Dakota’s MMJ program won’t be ready for at least a year

North Dakota regulators are proposing rules that would allow for the sale of medical cannabis in “11 to 13 months,” Valley News Live reported.

Under the proposed rules – filed by the state health department with the Legislative Council – prospective dispensaries, manufacturers and testing labs won’t be able to apply for licenses until April at the earliest, according to the Fargo-based news outlet.

The latest timetable for the launch of MMJ sales conflicts with one the health department laid out in July.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The proposed rules include requirements for security, lab testing and transportation.
  • The health department plans to file all required information no later than Feb. 1 and to present the rules to the legislature’s Administrative Rules Committee. The agency will take public comment through Dec. 26.
  • Jason Wahl was appointed interim director of North Dakota’s medical marijuana division, according to the Bismarck Tribune. He replaces retiring Kenan Bullinger, effective Nov. 1.
  • North Dakota voters approved medical marijuana in November 2016, and the governor signed off on preliminary regulations in April.

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3 comments on “North Dakota’s MMJ program won’t be ready for at least a year
  1. Crissy on

    Absolutely rediculous it’s taking this long for those in charge to get this up and running!! I’m 46, and just had my 29th surgery in November 2017. Last yr in April my kidneys started shutting down, still not sure why, but the medication in my implanted pain pump, and the oral meds for pain began building up, and almost killed me twice. I took MYSELF off all pain medication, and had my Medtronic pain pump removed. I struggle with pain daily!! It’s so unfair to keep those who need medical marijuana waiting and suffering while they drag their feet!! I understand that there are procedures to follow, regulations to inforce, ect. BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE………what do we pay these yahoos for??

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