Nunavut may open door to private-sector recreational marijuana sales

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The Nunavut government might carve out space for private sector recreational cannabis sales, but probably not until 2019.

Dan Carlson, assistant deputy minister of finance, told CBC News that a private retail system would be regulated by the Nunavut Liquor Commission.

Canada’s northernmost territory has proposed getting through 2018 using online sales in lieu of physical storefronts after cannabis’ expected legalization this summer.

The Nunavut government is taking public comments into consideration before it tables two bills in the coming months to regulate cannabis.

Other proposals include licensing cannabis cafes in the future – but not immediately after legalization – and banning marijuana consumption where tobacco is prohibited, plus in vehicles.

Meanwhile, Yukon plans to hand recreational marijuana sales to privately owned businesses.

The Northwest Territories will co-locate cannabis sales in government-owned liquor stores initially, but they will “explore other options” in the future, including sales in privately owned stores.

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