NV judge won’t stop rules allowing retailers to distribute rec cannabis

A Nevada judge has denied a request by a group of alcohol distributors to halt emergency regulations allowing the state to license some recreational marijuana retailers to transport product from growers to storefronts.

After hearing arguments, a Carson City District Judge ruled in favor of the recently approved regulations, citing the state’s position that the rules are protecting Nevada tax revenue, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Nevada regulators earlier this month approved the emergency rules to speed up licensing for cannabis distributors, an issue that launched a legal battle and threatened the flow of supplies after dozens of retailers started selling recreational marijuana July 1.

Before the new rules were approved, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed an emergency statement saying, “Without the retail sale of marijuana, the state will not realize the revenue on which the state budget relies.”

The alcohol distributors disagree.

Attorney Kevin Benson, who represents the group, said there’s no emergency that requires rules to allow anyone other than the alcohol wholesalers to distribute cannabis.

The group will try to convince state regulators there is no shortage of liquor distributors interested in transporting marijuana and they should keep the exclusive distribution rights for the next 18 months, he said.

– Associated Press