Oakland officials allege bribery attempt by cannabis lobbyist

A marijuana lobbyist in Oakland stands accused of attempting to bribe at least two city officials, and the case has been referred to the county district attorney’s office for further investigation.

According to the East Bay Express, lobbyist Dorian Gray allegedly offered Oakland City Council President Larry Reid $10,000 in cash, while an assistant city administrator said Gray tried to give him a free trip to Spain in exchange for helping a client obtain a cannabis business permit.

“He offered me ten grand twice,” Reid told the Express. “I told him, ‘Man, I don’t work that way.’ He actually had an envelope.”

Gray has denied Reid’s allegation but said the Spain trip was intended as an “informational tour” for the administrator.

“I have not done anything criminal,” Gray told the Express.

Gray, who is not a registered lobbyist with the city of Oakland, was reportedly working on behalf of Aidan Sciandra, one of 46 license applicants who vied for just four city cannabis dispensary permits.

Sciandra, who reportedly runs MMJ nonprofit The Plug Oakland Cooperative, was not among the license winners.

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4 comments on “Oakland officials allege bribery attempt by cannabis lobbyist
  1. George Bianchini on

    With Cannabis being legal now, what’s wrong with bribing Oakland city officials? Every other industry seems to understand how things work in Oakland. Maybe these officials felt disrespected with the chump change envelops of cash. I would suggest that next time the briber fill a box with cash. Even the Dan Rush case was for over a half a million bucks.
    Lets face it, we may be rid of the cartels that ran our pot industry, but now we have home grown elected criminals who politely send donation emails. (constantly)

  2. Rena on

    So how’s he a lobbiest again? Who isn’t a registered lobbiest? Get the hell out of here with the double talk…. I doubt that those city officials have any credibility if we only knew what they were into… Just my own opinion mind you.

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