Ohio balks at adding anxiety and autism for medical marijuana

The Ohio medical board dealt a blow to the state’s medical cannabis industry when it rejected petitions seeking to add anxiety and autism spectrum disorders as qualifying conditions.

The board voted down those additions Wednesday after a Medical Board committee last month backpedaled on an earlier recommendation to add the conditions.

The board determined that while marijuana could provide temporary relief for anxiety it also could cause panic attacks and affect children’s brain development.

A frustrated Ohio Medical Cannabis Cultivators Association (OMCCA) said the board’s decision is overly restrictive compared with other markets and is constraining patient access.

“Ohio’s decision not to follow in the footsteps of the 10 states who already allow medical marijuana for anxiety and 22 states that allow it for autism harms patients in need,” Thomas Rosenberger, associate director of the OMCCA, said in an emailed statement.

Earlier this summer, the panel rejected depression, insomnia and opioid addiction as qualifying conditions.

Board spokeswoman Tessie Pollock said the state body could reconsider adding anxiety and autism to the list of 21 qualifying medical conditions if new studies or petitions are submitted.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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3 comments on “Ohio balks at adding anxiety and autism for medical marijuana
  1. jeff l on

    That is sad for OHIOANS.The CBD helps tremendously with anxiety mixed with a low dose of THC. Even if you don`t use the THC you might want to try the CBD . They have some great products at a dispensery near you . And by the way you can visit a dispensery without a license to buy THC, you just can`t go into that side of the store,but are free to look and buy any of the CBD products that are available.And some of the stuff work great. I was skeptical about CBD and if it really works. And i have to tell you if you buy the real stuff and not some crap they sell in the convenient mart, you`ll find out it really does help with pain and and does have a calming affect. Even give it afew times. Don`t know why they wouldn`t approve of it . I guess if they allow that, everyone and there brother will be signing up for a dispensery near them… this day and age everyone needs alittle CBD and THC.
    Go figure

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