Ohio bans CBD sales outside cannabis stores – which aren’t open yet

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Ohio’s medical marijuana regulators ruled that over-the-counter CBD sales in the state are illegal, despite the products’ widespread availability in grocery and health stores.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said CBD can legally be purchased only from state-licensed MMJ dispensaries, though none has opened yet, The Plain Dealer reported.

The CBD ruling came after Ohio’s provisional dispensary licensees asked whether they could sell the same cannabidiol products in their stores that are seen on the shelves at health and grocery stores, board spokeswoman Ali Simon told the Cleveland newspaper.

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7 comments on “Ohio bans CBD sales outside cannabis stores – which aren’t open yet
  1. KWain on

    So Ohio is making something that was legal, illegal, so they can make it “conditionally” legal. Big money grab and typical Ohio.

  2. Robin Montgomery on

    It is all about the almighty dollar$. You have all these overdoses on illegal drugs and you want to take away something that helps people. Ashamed to be from OHIO??

  3. Austin Williamson on

    It’s CBD!!? If you take that away then you should have to ban everything that helps you with pain or discomfort. I wish we would get out of the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies and would actually care about others and their health

  4. April Hale on

    Just proves that our lawmakers know nothing about the plant. I had to explain what cbd was to my mother in law. She thought it was weed. And would get you high. It’s nice when I can open someone’s eyes against this corruption.

  5. Wes Hall on

    This is an outrage. Its a heath food supplement not a drug. It has zero psychoactive effects and contains no THC. Shouldn’t have to buy ot at a dispensary especially since there are none open yet!!

  6. Eddie Gee on

    There is your “Conservatives”, conserving all the wealth for the richest, like John Kasich. Who is setting up a grow in Yellow Springs, as we discuss this matter. You know, the hilpocrite Governor of Ohio, who will get rich. Like the locals that he arrested and jailed for doing the same.

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