Ohio medical marijuana businesses unlikely to meet opening deadline

Many of Ohio’s medical cannabis dispensaries, product manufacturers and cultivation facilities will not be up and running by the Sept. 8 deadline mandated by state law, as state regulators seek to lower expectations for the MMJ program’s rollout.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, state regulators said during Thursday’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee meeting that some dispensaries will have limited products on the shelves Sept. 8, but the program won’t be fully operational.

“We will be operational, but we have to temper our view of what this program is going to look like on day one,” said Department of Commerce Director Jacqueline Williams, whose agency regulates cultivators, processors and testing labs.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ohio law allows for the licensing of 24 cultivators, 40 processors and 57 medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • The 24 MMJ cultivators received their licenses last November, but none have started growing cannabis.
  • Regulators released new licensing timelines for processors (June), testing labs (early May) and dispensaries (mid-May).
  • About 50 physicians have applied for certificates to recommend MMJ, and the medical board plans to approve the paperwork next week.
  • Patients are expected to begin signing up for the program in July.

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4 comments on “Ohio medical marijuana businesses unlikely to meet opening deadline
  1. Ed Hunt on

    So in essence the program that has already been found as corrupt in the selection process of the 24 cultivators by the DoC will also break their own law in that it MUST be FULLY operational by the given date….. Anyone know an attorney willing to work on contingent basis for the Manson v Ohio State legislature case to be filed with the courts on 9-9-18 when they miss the deadline? Michigan had at least been smart enough to exclude the word fully and a suit was filed when all they had is what we will (the case was summarily dismissed by the judge, but only BECAUSE the law said operational and not fully operational. We weren’t smart enough to do the same with our horribly penned corporate focused and profit-over-patient one.

  2. JAB on

    What do you expect from a state that has continually dragged its feet with regard to implementing the program? In the spring of 2016, the Ohio Legislature passed House Bill 523 legalizing medical cannabis. The House Bill mandated that a medical marijuana program be fully implemented by September 8, 2018 giving the state almost 2 1/2 years to implement the program. It’s now May 2018 and it’s becoming obvious that the September 8 implementation date will not be realized. But then what do you expect when Ohio’s Governor, John Kasich has repeatedly said that medical marijuana has no benefits and believes marijuana is a gateway drug to addiction?

    • Kelley Mottola on

      Exactly, and when given a chance, back in December to delay the program, they did nothing. As for Kasich, he is such a hypocrite, his past speaker is one of the large cultivators and word has it that he is all in as soon as he is no longer governor…unreal…

    • Teresa Malcuit on

      So sorry to blow the gait-way drug crap out of the water. But Mr. Kasich you really shouldn’t make comments like that. And why??? Because I would stake my life on the fact that I am not the only person on this planet that has never used anything else in their life, but the marijuana. It depends on the individuals make up…addictive personalities tend to go to the wall with anything they do…drinking, drugs, anything. I used the medical marijuana program while living in Arizona for over 2 yrs. Besides Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, I have had back surgery and a knee replacement all by the age of 45. 13 yrs later on the surgery n twice as long on the M.S. I am in so much pain n horrible muscle spasms…like a snake is moving around in my calf. Then 2 yrs ago I started having nausea n vomiting n prescription drugs did not help. But one of 8 different marijuana strains did..stopped it in it’s tracks. And the bottom line is I felt about 15 to 20 yrs younger because of the benefits of the medical marijuana. Just like Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Kasich…either don’t knock it if you don’t have first hand experience and/or second hand experience from the people who have or do use it. Thank you.

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