Ohio MMJ Ballot Measure Details Emerging

Although no official ballot language has yet been drafted for a measure to legalize medical cannabis in Ohio this fall, the main group behind the effort has revealed a few key details about it’s plans for the initiative.

Rob Kampia – head of the Marijuana Policy Project – stressed that the measure will not create an oligopoly the way last year’s failed measure would have.

He also said the Ohio initiative “won’t impose large taxes or bureaucratic hurdles,” according to Cleveland.com. That will almost certainly translate into lower prices than some other states in the Midwest and eastern U.S.

Kampia also said there will likely be two tiers of cultivation licenses: one that will cost “thousands of dollars” and another that’s even bigger and more expensive.

MPP has also apparently already begun shoring up support for its effort, with the announcement that it has hired three longtime Ohio activists to help run the campaign, including at least one who was involved with the ResponsibleOhio initiative.

Kampia expects amendment language to be finalized next month, and he hopes to start collecting signatures to make the ballot by April 2. MPP will have to gather at least 305,591 by July 6 to make the November ballot.

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