Ohio regulators claim two medical cannabis dispensaries violated rules

Ohio regulators are cracking down on two medical marijuana dispensaries, alleging the retailers violated state rules involving ownership issues.

Greenleaf Apothecaries, which does business as The Botanist, and Harvest of Ohio, won’t be able to open any new dispensaries until their cases are resolved, according to The (Cincinnati) Enquirer.

Greenleaf’s attorney told the newspaper the allegations are meritless. Harvest’s majority owner also disputed the state’s claims, but the company said it is working with state regulators on the issue.

More details about the case are available in this report.


One comment on “Ohio regulators claim two medical cannabis dispensaries violated rules
  1. The_Truths_Razor on

    Ohio is stepping on its own feet and negating profits for Ohio to other state’s. It’s just dumb and Ohio is already dead last when it comes to the cannabis industry. Wake up, the profits don’t just affect the Cannabis industry they also affect other industries like travel, hotels, food, grocery stores, and your negating a lot of profit.


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