Draft Ohio cultivation rules: 18 licenses, huge fees

As many as 18 licenses would be available for medical marijuana growers in Ohio under proposed rules released by the state.

The draft regulations suggest two types of cultivation licenses: one for grows up to 15,000 square feet, and another for those totaling no more than 1,600 square feet. The state would award a dozen licenses for large cultivation operations and six for the smaller facilities.

Fees for cultivation licenses would be some of the most expensive in the country, behind only Illinois and New York, if the regulations are adopted.

Application fees for large grows would run $20,000, while winners would have to shell out $180,000 to secure a license. The state would charge $2,000 to apply for a license to run a smaller grow, with licensing fees totaling $18,000, according to

The draft rules are expected to be posted for public comment on the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program’s website Wednesday.

The state’s commerce department has until May of next year to establish regulations for growers. Rules for dispensaries, processors and testing labs must be in place by September 2017.

Last August, a bipartisan budget panel allocated $1.8 million to implement the new medical marijuana program.

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4 comments on “Draft Ohio cultivation rules: 18 licenses, huge fees
  1. Kevin on

    What a joke. If we wanted a monopoly, we should have just passed the last proposal and went full recreational. It was stated earlier by commerce that they would like to see lots of 100k aires, rather than a group of millionaires. That does not appear to be the case. Disappointed to say the least.

  2. Traci Johnson on

    Don’t feel bad. It TX they have just changed our new proposed regulations would be only 3 licenses for the whole state and a license fee of $1.3 MILLION along with several other unreasonable changes that insures we will never get our program off the ground

  3. Nick Christo on

    Kevin is Correct.
    The State of Ohio implied that they will form regulations which did not favor large business nor small business but should be neutral. The panel who wrote this proposal was totally influenced and biased by the big business group who wrote the original bill to give them a monopoly for recreational marijuana prior to this proposal. All licenses should be the size posted for the smaller licenses and no entity should be allowed to get more than 1 license of any kind in the marijuana industry. The number of licenses for growing at 1,600 square feet should be about 500 licenses to grow. Give the common citezen a chance for success in an industry that will make hundreds of people huge profits, not to make the rich get richer. The common man will circulate the money into the local economy better and not hoard it into their mass of wealth.

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