Oklahoma cannabis firm faces copyright lawsuit

A Canadian children’s entertainment company filed a lawsuit accusing a medical marijuana dispensary chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, of copyright infringement.

Toronto-based Nelvana Enterprises’ suit, filed in federal court in Tulsa, alleges that Treehouse Dispensaries “willfully copied and is using a confusing similar imitation” of a logo it has employed in children’s television programming since the 1990s, the Tulsa World reported.

Nelvana alleges that Treehouse Dispensary promised to stop using the trademarked logo but didn’t provide a timeline and neglected to follow through in a timely manner.

Treehouse Dispensaries’ attorney said the business “categorically denies” the accusations and will “vigorously defend” itself in court.

Nelvana is pursuing financial damages from revenue that Treehouse Dispensary earned while using the logo at its various locations in Oklahoma.

This is not the first infringement lawsuit to surface against a marijuana company.

In May, for example, a drugstore chain sued an Arkansas dispensary for trademark infringement.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “Oklahoma cannabis firm faces copyright lawsuit
  1. Carrie Ledford on

    These same Treehouse signs are posted up and down Highway 69 in Muskogee Oklahoma. So sad these companies like the CBD organizations and tobacco companies are utilizing the same or similar advertising, in my opinion, as the Juul – flavored industry targeting the subliminal messages to our children.

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