Oklahoma governor OKs rules for cannabis-infused food products

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin approved new labeling, packaging and testing rules for food products that include medical marijuana.

The new rules require marijuana-infused food and beverage makers to comply with the state’s current food safety laws as well as the labeling and packaging laws for available cannabis products.

The regulations also require edibles makers to disclose on labels a product’s THC potency, including cannabis ingredients and tracking information for the marijuana oil or source material.

Marijuana-infused food and beverage makers will also be required to test one lot of products quarterly for:

  • Microbials, including yeast and mold.
  • Solvents and chemical residue, including acetone, butane and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.
  • Pesticide residue, including chlorinated hydrocarbons and fungicides.
  • Potency to show levels of total THC.
  • Contaminants, including chemical agents of foreign matter, which could compromise food safety.

Previously, the state’s marijuana-infused food and beverage makers were manufacturing and selling products in the absence of specific labeling, packaging and testing requirements for edibles, but moving forward, they must follow the rules to be compliant with current regulations.

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13 comments on “Oklahoma governor OKs rules for cannabis-infused food products
  1. Pam on

    “Marijuana-infused food and beverage makers will also be required to test one lot of products quarterly”

    testing one lot quarterly.

    Is Oklahoma not paying attention to the other states that have regulated cannabis sales? Just this one policy is going to cause HUGE issues.

  2. Sherrie Sandridge on

    In oklahoma can u cook in your kitchen at home butter and edibles to sell to dispensary with license of course .

    • Amber on

      I’ve been looking for this rule. I was under the impression that you can not cook in your home if the items include things like dairy, eggs and nuts. Oklahoma also says you can not make fruit jelly and jam in a home kitchen for resale

    • Adriana Nelson on

      I have been wondering the exact same thing. Can a home bakery business sell edibles to a dispensary? If so, what kind of license do you need for that? Do you have to have a commercial kitchen or have the board of health inspect your kitchen?

  3. Herbert Matthews on

    Where does Oklahoma stand regarding Cannabis and food, Cannabis Cafe’s. Cannabis Coffee Shops with infused cookies,etc?

  4. Julie Solis on

    How do I get my edible foods tested here in Oklahoma City. And what kind of license do I have to have 1st to be able to do this still waiting on a kitchen so hate to put it address on there and not be sure yet of which place on going so please help how do I get it tested thank you

  5. Keyanna Walker on

    I’m in another state and a dispensary in oaklahoma reaches out to me to be a vender at their dispensary what are the laws on outside state residents providing product for a dispensary?

  6. Joy Sarcoxie Chambers on

    I am wanting to manufacture edibles for resale to dispensaries. Are there any seminars or classes to help new businesses get started in Tulsa Oklahoma?

  7. Leah on

    I have a kitchen almost ready to go. I am just wondering who I need to come and inspect to make sure everything is up to par with codes ans sanitation. Is there a check list that I can go through before having an inspector come out to the premises?

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