Oklahoma gov tells regulators to pull controversial medical marijuana rules

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has reversed herself and said health regulators should rescind controversial rules that threatened to curb the growth of the state’s new medical marijuana program.

The State Health Board last week approved rules banning smokable flower and requiring dispensaries to have a pharmacist on staff. Fallin quickly signed off on the regulations.

But this week the state’s attorney general warned that the board had overstepped its authority in making changes to the state’s voter-approved MMJ law.

Medical marijuana advocates, meanwhile, had filed two separate lawsuits to block the rule changes.

“Because the public didn’t have ample time to weigh in with their concerns on the two last-minute amendments, the Board of Health should rescind them,” Fallin said in her statement Wednesday, according to Oklahoma City TV station KOKH.

“My legal staff and I are analyzing other points made in the attorney general’s legal letter to see what other action might be necessary.”

The health board president said Wednesday his agency would convene a special meeting soon to reconsider the new regulations after the attorney general’s intervention, KOKH reported.

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2 comments on “Oklahoma gov tells regulators to pull controversial medical marijuana rules
  1. Vito Perillo on

    “From a strictly economic point of view, the role played by government has been to support the black market.” That’s a paraphrase of a comment made by Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. You can Google it. Every roadblock and regulatory hurdle the state puts in the way of legitimate enterprise, the longer the black market will continue to exist.

  2. Sam on

    Our state has one of the poorest economies in the nation. We have abandoned overpasses that have been run into and left blocked so that people have to drive miles around because there is no money to fix them. We have teachers in our schools that have no degree to teach. Why I ask can’t our law makers wise up. Colorado has enjoyed a 63 percent increase in there tax revenue since they made pot legal. What’s up with our state. We the people voted in a whole different law than what mrs. Fallon has presented. This must change.

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