Oklahoma lawmakers look to pre-empt medical marijuana vote with regulation

In the face of Oklahoma’s upcoming medical cannabis legalization vote on June 26, the state’s Senate and House of Representatives each passed medical marijuana regulation bills.

The measures – Senate Bill 1120 and House Bill 3468 – would respectively restrict MMJ patients to those suffering from “serious” medical conditions and create an MMJ commission to help craft rules for a potential industry, Oklahoma City TV station KFOR reported.

Both measures were approved Thursday by their respective chambers.

The Senate bill is tantamount to MMJ legalization, according to KFOR.

But it’s a much more conservative approach than State Question 788, which would allow any adult 18 or older to become an MMJ patient for any medical reason with the approval of a board-certified physician.

Because of the measure’s open-ended nature, some lawmakers view the ballot question as de facto recreational legalization.

SB 1120, by contrast, would allow for only a restrictive qualifying condition list, including:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Persistent muscle spasms due to multiple sclerosis or paraplegia
  • Intractable nausea, vomiting or weight loss due to cancer or HIV/AIDS
  • Terminally ill patients with a life expectancy of one year or less

According to KFOR, conditions not covered for MMJ patients under SB 1120 include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety

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11 comments on “Oklahoma lawmakers look to pre-empt medical marijuana vote with regulation
  1. Bonnie on

    So am I understanding this right? I can get MMJ for my neuropathy pain but my son can not for seizure or anxiety. If so, that’s B.S.!!!

    • Kimberli Maddox on

      That’s messed up. I pray that it doesn’t turn out like that. Your son’s situation is the best reason for making it legal.

  2. Rick Huffman on

    I’m an MMJ patient in Arizona and I have to tell your state’s legislators that PTSD IS a serious condition!

  3. Edythe Jones on

    Thanks to sexual assaults from the age of 6-well into my 30’s I have PTSD…
    Pills cause me to become either violent or no feeling of anything so I refuse to take them.It has been proven mmj helps w/PTSD. I deserve to live in happiness instead of fear, anger or just feeling nothing

  4. Leah Acosta on

    I believe ptsd and anxiety sufferers need to have the option of mmj as well as these other medical needs. I have read and heard amazing accounts of people that have been treated with mmj and have had breakthroughs with their ptsd and anxiety . I do not see anything wrong with people getting help from mmj as well . people should have the option not to have to take the current medications that have many horrible side affects . There are enough facts to support that it helps these cases as well .

  5. Teresa reyes on

    Born and raised all my life until the age of 45 when my severely autistic daughter and my husband and I had to leave my home state to move to Colorado for legal mmj for my daughter who is severely autistic . I should not have to leave my state to get help for my daughter . She has thrived in cannabis here in Colorado . She was non verbal at 6 1/2 and 6 months on cannabis she became verbal and her seizures stopped and had not had another since . It’s not fair my whole family and my husbands live in Oklahoma and we want to come HOME . We feel like aliens here and we deserve to be with are family and are grandkids . I’ve had a dad and two sisters pass away and could not even go back home for there funerals because if we did we could lose are daughter do to having to have her medicine . Please add autism to the list of qualifying condition and seizures . Cannabis heals my daughter is a prime example . Come on oklahoma have compassion for your fellow Okies . We need to come home ! Sinserely , brad , Teresa and Rachel reyes .

  6. Rasheed on

    This is the problem with politicians, they think they know everything and what’s best for their constituents. Why do we need doctors if the politicians are going to determine what ailments the doctor can authorize for Cannabis treatment? The arrogant assumption here is that the doctors can’t be trusted to carry out their Hippocratic oath in manner that they and the DEA approves.

    Every Republican that promotes these preposterous bills should be ashamed of him or her self. Why? Every one of them ran for office touting individual liberty, self-determination and limited government. How in the name of Sam Hill are these two bills consistent with those conservative principles? Anyone able to comprehend on a sixth grade level could attest that Cannabis has life-saving therapeutic and medicinal benefits, and has no recorded fatalities in its 10,000+ years of human consumption .

  7. Zues1366 on

    Once again we the people are screwed over by the political elites that care only for their own agenda. I wonder how many are in Pharmacon’s pocket. You know the one that wrote these crud bills are. Lobbying and political donations have corrupted everything in this country.

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