OpenVape Partnering With Dutch MJ Company

Colorado concentrate company OpenVape is teaming with Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Co. to collaborate on a new line of products.

It’s the latest international partnership in the cannabis industry, and perhaps the first involving U.S. and European companies.

OpenVape and Green House will develop a dual brand of cannabis vaporizer cartridges, the companies said in a news release.

Green House will supply strain genetics and OpenVape will use its production and distribution network to sell the cartridges in roughly 1,100 medical marijuana shops in nine states.

Green House, which has operated coffee shops and a seed bank in the Netherlands since 1985, will use three of its strains for the partnership.

OpenVape will oversee production and the placement of the Dutch strain oil cartridges among its licensed retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon.

International partnerships aren’t new in the cannabis industry, but they remain fairly rare. Two other examples: Seattle-based Privateer Holdings owns Canadian MMJ producer Tilray, and Colorado-based Dixie Brands has partnered with Australian MMJ firm Cann Group Limited.