NV attorney general, law enforcement bash rec measure

Nevada’s attorney general and other top law enforcement officials have come out forcefully against the ballot initiative to legalize adult-use marijuana in the state.

The group cited various concerns late last week, ranging from the initiative being a money grab by the marijuana industry to public safety and the possibility that edibles would appeal to kids, an NBC affiliate in Carson City reported. Nevada has a medical marijuana program.

“This ballot initiative was written by major marijuana interests, whose biggest concern is making money,” Attorney General Adam Laxalt said.

A spokesman for the Question 2 ballot initiative, Joe Brezny, brushed aside such criticisms, noting there’s already a thriving black market in Nevada. Legalization, by contrast, will increase tax revenue and ensure that cannabis products are safe and regulated, Brezny said.

Nevada’s rec vote could be a close one. The latest public survey, by KTNV and Rasmussen in late July, found 50% of residents backed the measure, with 9% undecided. A poll in March by Ralston Reports found 60% support.

There’s also the chance billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who helped fund an anti-medical cannabis campaign in Florida two years ago, could pump millions into the anti-rec push this year in Nevada.

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5 comments on “NV attorney general, law enforcement bash rec measure
  1. David Hopkins on

    Public Safety Issue ? What about FREE alcohol in Casino’s, now that’s a public safety issue ! Why not free Pot, might increase the Casino’s revenue !

    Money Grab ? Isn’t that what the Gambling (not gaming) and Casino’s are all about ? are they concerned people will buy Pot instead of gambling ?

  2. Jaime on

    Hasn’t medical cannabis been an “unlawful” money grab for entities like an attorney general and top law enforcement? For the last 80 yrs?? Doesn’t this substance still make up a significant portion of their “jobs” hence, budgets? Could it be at all remotely possible that these folks could be seeing the writing on the wall, that the end is soon coming to a misconceived and wrongfully executed public welfare/illegal gravy train for law enforcement personnel, that was egregiously imposed on the general taxpaying public? This has been and is a HUGE waste of money, and pain and suffering endured by the tax paying public; over an extraordinary period of time. It has taken an enormous toll on this nation. All to “cushion” some lazy S.O.B’s job/benefits. To do exactly WHAT!? At the profound expense of his fellow man and his immediate family. “To Serve and Protect”…. An idea that doesn’t seem to mean as much these days.

    There’s no shame, is there? None. What you people need to do, is get your butt’s out on the streets….walking beats. Getting to know your districts. ( And, thereby keeping more fit as well….Less unnecessary disability retirements that other’s and me have to fund… ). Creating ( once again ) a sense of community…which lowers the crime rate. Significantly. Continuing with the same strategy, only continues to put distance between law enforcement and the people they’re supposed to serve. This therefore increases the “opportunity” for more crime to seemingly occur. ( Of course, this notion has never popped up on the police union’s radar, right?? ) This method only increases the police union’s ( undeserved ) power that don’t seem to give one g*d-d**ned about the public welfare … just increasing their own pocketbooks in an unethical and; arguably illegal methods at times. Making money on fabricated situations, to make it look like they’re doing something that’s worthy of police work. These unions have become super-pacs, “hungry ghost’s.” They’re insatiable. It used to not be like this. Makes me wonder if organized crime isn’t caught up with all this as well. It’s unbelievable to be witnessing this behavior at this juncture. These guy’s are being drug out the door, but not without clawing and kicking vigorously on the way out.. But, someone has been letting them get away with it for this long. I wonder whom that might be?

    Someone, please ask these guys: Where’s the hard evidence to back your claims?” After all, isn’t the mainstay of your jobs based ON evidence? And, is that evidence coming from a credible/reliable source? I don’t think so.

  3. pam on

    Bill Lewis!!!! NOS lives on! Sheldon Adelson is making butt loads of cash off rehab clinics while he makes money from feeding the low level addiction loop of gambling and alcohol. Pot is an exit drug for the people who throw their cash to him for instant gratification. They’d stay home, have deep thoughts about their existence and stop going to the casino’s where the lies of the under belly thrive.

  4. Anthony on

    This AG who opposes this appears to be not very smart, or has an agenda.
    Gambling and alcohol is a large part of Nevada’s economy.
    Who can argue that Marijuana is potentially more harmful than alchohol on a societal or personal physical basis? No one with a functioning brain, that’s who.
    Conduct any credible poll of Law enforcement, or ask ny cop you know, how often is booze compared to pot involved in crime, violent crime, domestic disturbances, abuse, etc?
    The comment above about police unions/Serve and Protect is wel taken. Ite Bullshit to oppose Aduult use Marijuana in a state that, in some parts ? Legalizes prostitution. When an admitted back market exists for pot in ALL states.

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