OR issues health alert for 3 cannabis strains with pesticides

Oregon has issued its second health alert for cannabis contaminated with pesticides, flagging marijuana flower being sold at three dispensaries around the state.

Oregon has maintained a strict policy about pesticide use on marijuana. And, according to the Oregonian, the Oregon Health Authority has now found three strains of flower were contaminated.

 Some 30 customers bought “Dutch Treat” from Oct. 15-26 at the Flowr of Lyfe recreational store in Eugene. It was found to contain the insecticide spinosad. The two other strains, Pleeze and Dryzl, were both sold in North Bend and Salem in October. The strains were found to contain piperonyl butoxide, an ingredient commonly occurring in pesticides, according to the Oregonian.

The state is recommending customers destroy or return the marijuana to the store.