Oregon marijuana regulations about to undergo major changes

Oregon medical marijuana growers and processors could soon have direct access to the burgeoning adult-use market under a bill that aims to move MMJ under the purview of the regulatory agency that oversees recreational cannabis.

According to The (Bend) Bulletin, Senate Bill 1057 authorizes the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to:

  • Begin permitting MMJ growers and processors so they can sell to rec retailers.
  • Require medical businesses to start using the state’s inventory tracking system.
  • Increase the number of plants medical growers are legally allowed to cultivate.

The bill would also grant power to local governments that have opted out of the rec program to begin allowing medical cannabis businesses without first asking voters for approval.

The move by the legislature is essentially a response to the immense decline of the MMJ industry in Oregon since the adult-use industry has gotten fully up and running. The vast majority of medical marijuana retailers have switched to recreational, which leaving many growers and processors out of the new system, a representative of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council told The Bulletin.

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7 comments on “Oregon marijuana regulations about to undergo major changes
  1. Debbie on

    Are you kidding? What is medical about The OLCC being in charge of it. They are robbing us of our program, our growing rights, our medicine. It is all wrong that beautacrates have anything to do with my healthcare.

  2. jim dunn on

    I think this has gone on long enough. Oregon started off in a great direction and sadly in a short period (2017) it has become a mess. The City of Portland is additionally adding a burden that is forcing many companies not just with great burdens, but unnecessary licensing requirements: please let these law abiding entrepeneurs the chance to get back to productive work. the current stalemate does no one, including the City of Portland, any good.

  3. Nick on

    The medical and recreational products available today are practically the same, especially in flowers. In fact, we have seen an increase in quality for processed goods since the recreational rules were put in effect. Having said that, I think that there is an incredibly huge market in medical marijuana that will only be satisfied with the expansion of more formal studies. Is the medical market up to this, and all the funding that it requires? I don’t know. I know big pharma is watching, and we cannot have a schedule III marijuana so that they can monopolize it. I think Oregon is taking the right steps and doing their best to prevent that from happening.

  4. Frank on

    The OMMP growers want nothing to do with the friken OLCC! We just want to be able to sell our excess to the dispensaries. If a dispensaries does both medical and rec, then only rec growers can supply them??? How utterly chicken sheit is that? Now they want to help us? Oh yeah hi we are from the gubmint and are here to help my azz!

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