Oregon Lawmakers Introduce 16 Marijuana Bills

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A bill that would prevent recreational shops from locating within one mile of schools is among 16 pieces of legislation tied to the cannabis industry introduced in Oregon this week.

Lawmakers behind the measures are attempting to wade through a host of issues on how to regulated the new rec industry and the existing medical cannabis marketplace. One bill would force dispensaries and cannabis stores to display warning signs aimed at pregnant women, while another would penalize daycare providers who have medical marijuana cards.

A separate bill would let doctors issue no more than 450 MMJ recommendations.

Hemp farmers may benefit from a bill that proposes allowing growers to cultivate hemp without acquiring a permit from the state. The federal government currently only allows hemp production for research.

Under Measure 91, passed by voters in November, Oregon residents will be allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at home as of July 1, and retail sales will start in 2016.