Oregon needs one separate agency to regulate cannabis, report finds

Oregon’s cannabis industry needs to be regulated by one independent agency instead of three separate bodies, according to a report drafted by the Oregon Cannabis Commission.

The study concluded that having the marijuana industry regulated by three government agencies creates the potential for conflict and an inconsistent vision, the Salem Statesman Journal reported.

Cultivators, in particular, were cited in the report as finding the three-pronged approach “confusing and difficult to navigate.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Oregon’s cannabis businesses are regulated by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).
  • The report is still in draft mode, and no recommendations have been made by the OHA.
  • The cannabis commission will meet Nov. 27 to discuss the report and could vote on it then.
  • The move would streamline the process and help to clear up some jurisdictional questions, according to Beau Whitney, a Portland-based economist.

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4 comments on “Oregon needs one separate agency to regulate cannabis, report finds
  1. Taxed and regulated on

    Yes . Oregon needs to ease the regulations on marijuana , seeing how the current system is failing …. But I also hear of huge amounts of legally grown Oregon marijuana confiscated in other states . Until these illegal drugs are removed from the market completely the current system will fail .. So more enforcement to curb this problem ???? Or less enforcement???? Taxed and regulated is the best thing to come to this industry don’t let politics destroy a good thing … The OLCC rules !

    • George Bianchini on

      “Taxed and regulated is the best thing to come to this industry don’t let politics destroy a good thing …”

      That’s what I was chanting for the last twenty years. Let us pay sales and income tax and give us a business license.
      Ok, so we got that and another 100% raise of taxes to boot, making California politics the largest Drug Cartel ring in the world.

  2. mike on

    the legalization of pot is like an inheritance with all the family members, gov, growers, sellers, users fighting among themselves which will destroy the value of the whole deal. the adult should be the govs but they are more confused that all the other interested parties. in ca as or it is so confused and over regulated that compliance is impossible so the alternative is the black market to thrive. govs need to wake up and KISS and make legal operation ez for citizens they serve.

  3. ian humphry on

    they wasted time and money on a commission report to say what should be a common sense thing, whenever you have more than 1 govt agency trying to regulate the same thing, its a waste of time, and will almost always have conflict and result in failure, so, DUH! 1 agency to regulate the cannabis industry is needed. to do it one better, why not just legalize nation wide at the federal level and be done with, that way everyone wins, the citizens, the states, and the greedy federal govt.

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