Oregon slashes daily purchase limits for medical cannabis patients

In a bid to stem the flow of marijuana product to the black market, Oregon regulators have ordered a steep cut over the next six months in the amount of cannabis that medical MJ patients can buy on a daily basis.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) last Thursday reduced purchasing limits for Medical Marijuana Program cardholders to 1 ounce of cannabis per day, down from the previous limit of 24 ounces per day. The rules took effect Aug. 24 and expire in six months.

The change comes as the OLCC faces increased pressure to react to the state’s oversupplied cannabis sector, including greater scrutiny from the state’s U.S. attorney, Billy Williams, who has tied the oversupply situation to the diversion of marijuana to the black market.

According to a news release, the “action on OMMP purchase limits is designed to prevent potential diversion of usable marijuana into the secondary illegal market.”

In other news, the OLCC issued the following decisions related to regulatory violations:

  • The agency rejected a proposed settlement for wholesaler Black Market Distribution and directed staff to instead proceed through the state’s administrative hearing process to seek revocation of the wholesaler’s license for 10 violations.
  • Cannabliss & Co. will either pay a fine of $4,950 or serve a 30-day recreational marijuana retailer license suspension for failing to keep surveillance recordings for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Hi Cascade will either pay a fine of $6,105 or serve a 37-day recreational marijuana retailer license suspension for failing to keep backup recordings of video surveillance for a minimum of 30 days as well as for failing to immediately notify the OLCC of any equipment failure or system outage lasting 30 minutes or more.
  • Shadowbox Farms will either pay a fine of $9,900 or serve a 30-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension – as well as either pay a fine of $12,210 or serve a 74-day rec cannabis producer license suspension – for six violations covering a range of areas, including product transport and surveillance.
  • BZS Resource will either pay a fine of $7,260 or serve a 44-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for three violations, including making physical changes to the licensed premises or the use of the licensed premises without the OLCC’s prior written approval.

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4 comments on “Oregon slashes daily purchase limits for medical cannabis patients
  1. To be Inspired on

    You have got to be kidding me! The response to “overproduction” (already a black market problem) is going to be “underselling,” which will definitively push overages into the black market and create the perfect storm for illegal sales.

    Who DID NOT think this through?

  2. Ziggy on

    Are you kidding me!? 24 ounces/DAY!!!!! That’s 1 1/2 POUNDS! And some genius Commission thought that there would be no “consumer” re-selling? And the solution to diverting to the black market is to REDUCE that by 24 x’s down to 1 ounce/day? That same genius Commission thinks that will preVENT diverting??!!! The inmates are running the asylum!!!!!

    Up until reading this, I have been a huge proponent of legalization for decades. But, obscenely, gross, government mismanagement like this, makes me very sad. Isn’t it amazing how the illegal, black market prospered for decades and grew into an international behemoth with absolutely NO government involvement…

    OLCC be ashamed, very ashamed!

  3. SomeAngryAshHole on

    Gee, this is so useful for me and my neurological issues.

    Why did they go from 24 oz to one? I think there may be several numbers in between those two they forgot about, though this reeks of “what do we do let’s just shut it all down and try to find a way to cover our asses in front of our constituents!”

    Producers have already punished medical users by diverting all their extra products to carcinogenic dabs instead of producing things like hash, that are much easier to smoke, and extremely useful for pain; why not ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about all the medical patients who buy nearly two pounds of pot to treat their asthma.

    TL;DR: Come to Oregon, we can’t manage a damn thing, but neither can anyone else. So we got that going for us.

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