Oregon’s US attorney ‘frustrated’ with state’s cannabis overproduction

The top federal prosecutor in Oregon is taking aim at the state’s overproduction of marijuana.

Billy Williams, the U.S. attorney for Oregon, issued guidelines for cannabis enforcement in response to the Justice Department’s decision to rescind a key marijuana protection earlier this year, according to The Oregonian.

The newspaper noted that federal prosecutors will crack down on the black market, including organized crime and illegal cultivators. They also will target any organizations that “pose a substantial risk of violence.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Williams’ guidelines confirm that “he remains frustrated” with the state’s inability to contain cannabis production, the newspaper reported.
  • He called out Oregon officials for not allocating necessary resources to enforce regulations for the state’s marijuana program.
  • Williams asked Oregon regulators to analyze and compile data on the amount of cannabis production and distribution in the state.
  • He called for a “final report” that details the state’s supply-and-demand situation for cannabis.
  • The Oregon Liquor and Control Commission was the subject of a recent state audit that found the agency lacks adequate monitoring and enforcement controls.
  • Diversion has been a major issue in Oregon, as large amounts of marijuana grown there have been captured in 30 states.

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4 comments on “Oregon’s US attorney ‘frustrated’ with state’s cannabis overproduction
  1. Pat on

    Decriminalize it at the federal level. Allow interstate commerce in those states that have legalized it. It’s interesting. This country touts capitalism as the way to go. Capitalism seems to apply to at least two major substances that have been proven time/time again to be much more dangerous than cannabis as it relates this nation’s public health. But, those two are “culturally” acceptable. It’s ok to waste families on the backs of the addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, and for the rest of society to p/u the tab. Same with the opioid issue. The energy issue. Defense contractor issue. Big pharma, etc… It’s obviously taking hold w/cannabis. The special interests ( and the politicians that enable it ) are the one’s to blame. The more money a special interest has the less likely any common citizen is going to have any say in it. Esp. when that product negatively impacts the common citizen in the most severe manner. And it flies in the face of all reason/logic. For decades. Even w/tons of research to prove that the particular special interests’ motives/rationale for their actions are completely wrong. And if you attempt to confront it too strongly, they’ll find some way to make you look as if you’re unpatriotic; a trouble maker.

    The more well monied a special interest group is, the less capitalism applies ( and increasing domestic protectionist rules applied..), and a correlative decrease in democracy around the issue. Why is that? It’s you and everyone else that’s not part of the special interest that’s trying to punk you. Make money off of you in the most ridiculous manner possible. If public health as a policy concern preceded all other policy concerns we wouldn’t have these kinds of b.s. problems in this country.

  2. mcb on

    Two things. Crack down on the grey market. Limit the number of licensed growers to a managed number. The reason these guys are selling grey us over production . Stop the glut. Monitor fewer locations following the law . Balance out the production with tg he demand. Then the growers can get reasonable price for thier product they are in survival mode trying to protect thier investments.

    Olcc has been using this as a money grap on licensing and fees. State us not getting the taxes they should. This needs to stop before the feds crack down on the entire program.

  3. GoldStarOil on

    The problem with the black market is two fold.

    1) Prices at dispensaries are out of control. . . .The taxes are outrageous and the dispensaries are overcharging because they can. There is no reason a single pre-roll needs to be 10 bucks.

    2) There are not dispensaries everywhere. Nobody is going to drive an hour to a dispensary when they know their buddy can give him a good deal, cheaper than the dispensaries, right around the corner.

    Cultivators have gone big and there is overproduction which is killing the wholesale market but dispensaries are limited in number so they get to charge what they want at the retail level.

    Until the price of legal flower is equal to, or only slightly greater than, black market flower, we will have this problem for a long time.. . .The short term solution is to get more dispensaries into more cities and lower the taxes in order to force the retail price down.

    • Pat on

      I agree more w/GoldstarOil ( GSO ) than ( mcb ). Why? Cannabis is easy to produce, say in comparison to cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. And, it can be done in almost anyplace. There will always be grey/black markets no matter what the product is. I’ll go a step further than GSO, and say: If there are no limits placed on the amount of production by anyone, and if everyone wants to participate in the open ( licensed ) market, make it available to them w/o b.s. hurdles that are meant to curtail that production to keep the price high and to oligopilize the market for governments ( more tax revenue ) and the special interests ( whom are enabled by the government, to maximize profits ). Consumption will not change that much. But, the competition for consumers will. And, the price will decrease. There are plenty of substances out there that are just waiting to be abused. Lot’s of stuff. Including nutmeg and other naturally occurring substances that can actually kill you. The limiting factor to all this is the particular society’s cultural restraint. And the abuse levels of any substance, regardless of the country/society, is a reflection of it’s understanding of why substance abuse takes place in the first place. Meaning, it’s not the substance that’s to blame. It’s the particular society’s ability to instill in itself a set of values that are universally practiced that prevent most minds from going off the deep end. And that’s achieved via a stable, well informed and generally happy and honestly governed society. When this is not happening, you get the abuse. Remind me…Who’s leading the epidemic in substance abuse, ( where the substance actually can kill you ) in this world?? And, why would that be?

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