Organized opposition emerges for Oklahoma medical cannabis campaign

A statewide initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma has already been assured a spot on the ballot in a special election this June, and this week an organized political group emerged to fight the measure.

State Question 788 will go before Oklahoma voters on June 26.

Standing in MMJ’s way, however, is Oklahomans Against 788, a group run by a former law enforcement officer, Oklahoma City TV station KOCO reported.

The opposition contends that legalizing MMJ “would put children at risk of accidentally consuming the drug and would put doctors in danger (of) losing their licenses,” according to KOCO.

Still, it appears the political headwinds are blowing in MMJ’s favor.

A survey released in January by Sooner Poll found that 62% of voters are supportive of State Question 788.

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One comment on “Organized opposition emerges for Oklahoma medical cannabis campaign
  1. Rasheed on

    This re-tread argument is so weak that it’s laughable, as if children aren’t already at risk of consuming those little “bite-sized” tabs of laundry and dishwashing detergent or hard sodas like Best Damn Root Beer or Spiked Seltzer Valencia Orange. If a doctor believes that his action(s) may cause him to lose his license then that is on the doctor. What doctor has lost his license for recommending that his patient(s) use Cannabis that his state has legalized and regulates?

    This retired cop ought to go down to his local grammar school and patrol it during school hours. That’s protecting the children’s lives.

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