50+ Medical Cannabis Business Applications Filed in MA

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The Green Rush is back on in Massachusetts.

The opening of the first medical cannabis dispensary in the state a week ago has renewed interest in the marijuana industry there. So far this week, the state has been “flooded” with more than 50 business license applications, according to the Boston Globe.

To date, Massachusetts has licensed 15 dispensaries. The state initially allowed 35 licenses by law, but officials can approve even more than that now.

Though the state did not release the names of all those that applies, the Globe reported that several past applicants who were not awarded a license decided to try again.

Many of them reportedly felt they were overlooked for the wrong reasons during the state’s controversial licensing process, which was overhauled a few months ago following multiple lawsuits, allegations of favoritism and corruption.

Some of the companies that filed applications include Mass Medi-Spa, Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts (ex-congressman William Delahunt’s former company) and Beacon Compassion Center, the Globe reported.