Patient Decries High Cannabis Prices in Connecticut

At least one outspoken cancer patient in Connecticut has been brought to tears by what she considers a huge disappointment in the state’s medical marijuana system.

Tracey Gamer Fanning, in an op-ed for the Hartford Courant, wrote that she broke down crying when a reporter asked for her thoughts about the prices Connecticut dispensaries are charging for cannabis: $450-$600 an ounce.

“This could defeat all our efforts to have patients register to get marijuana legally and then fine-tune dispensing programs to give people just the type and dose of the medicine that they need,” Fanning wrote.

She was also distressed at her first official MMJ consulting appointment, when she encountered a bong salesman in a tie-dye T-shirt doing business with the manager of a dispensary.

“This is not a party – this is life-saving,” Fanning said she thought at the time.

And then she discovered that the dispensary manager and the “pharmacist” knew less about medical cannabis than she did.

The first dispensaries opened in Connecticut last week, more than two years after the state legalized medical marijuana. Some insiders predict that prices will drop significantly when more cultivation centers complete their first harvest.

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